New Micro P2 Cards From Panasonic Address SD Card Shortcomings

NAB 2012 LogoWhile these look like SD memory cards, they are not. It’s interesting, and worth learning about because this technology addresses some of the common failure modes with regular SD Cards.  Even if you don’t use these new micro P2 cards, this information may help you may find it helpful.  First, a picture of the cards:

Micro P2 Cards From Panasonic They feature a ‘Super Intelligent Controller System (SICS) which does several different things to ensure the integrity of the card data by refreshing the data, equalizing the writing frequency of each data block, retrieving damaged data during power failures, and other advanced functions.  It is interesting to read this because it sheds light as to how we lose data on these cards right now.  Here are some snapshots of their slides:Micro P2 Cards From PanasonicMicro P2 Cards From PanasonicMicro P2 Cards From PanasonicMicro P2 Cards From Panasonic

It’s not clear to us if these cards can be used in place of SD cards or if they are only intended for Panasonic’s ‘micro P2’ capable products.

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